Cambridgeshire Pension Fund Committee

Local Government Pension Fund

Pension Fund Committee

The administration of the fund is the responsibility of Cambridgeshire County Council, who are the designated administering authority in the local government pension scheme regulations.

The County Council has delegated this function to the Pension Fund Committee.

The operation of the Pension Fund Committee, Investment Sub Committee and Local Pension Board is outlined in the fund’s governance policy and compliance statement.


Councillor Peter Downes (appointed May 2017)

Councillor Anne Hay (appointed May 2017)

Councillor Roger Hickford (appointed May 2013)

Councillor Josh Schumann (appointed May 2017)

Councillor Terence Rogers (appointed May 2017)

Councillor Mike Shellens (appointed May 2017)

Vacant position

Vacant position

Mr Matthew Pink (appointed May 2014)

Councillor David Seaton (appointed May 2014)

Mr John Walker (appointed May 2014)

Pension Fund Committee

Details of current¬†vacancies and recent meetings can be found at Cambridgeshire County Council’s democratic services webpages.

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Pension Fund Committee


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