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We have recently reviewed our administration strategy and are now offering this document to you for consultation.

The revised strategy has been reviewed by the local pension board and pension fund committees, and approved for consultation.

The administration strategy will clearly set out the expectations of the administering authority and you (the employer), in order to deliver a high quality, value for money service to scheme members.

There have been a number of changes which include:

  • Making the strategy more concise and user friendly
  • Minor current regulation updates
  • Separating the communication strategy from the administration strategy to ensure a more focused approach
  • Streamlining the approach to recovering costs incurred as a result of poor performance by an employer

Read the 2017 administration strategy (under consultation)

The consultation will be open for 30 days. Should you wish to pass comment or discuss the administration strategy document further, please contact us.

The consultation will close on 11 August 2017.