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Consultation: funding strategy statement

A 30 day consultation has been launched by both the Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire Pension Funds to seek views on each Funds’ draft Funding Strategy Statement. The Funding Strategy Statement is an essential component of the valuation of the Pension Fund and acts as a summary of each Funds’ approach to funding their liabilities.

The aim of the Funding Strategy Statement is to provide transparency of and ensure equity within the process of setting employer contribution rates. Importantly, the statement details how contribution rates are set for each class of employer; including the Funds approach to:

  • how an employer’s pension liabilities are measured
  • the funding target for each class of employer
  • the pace at which this target should be met
  • the probability of achieving the target within the set time frame
  • pooling arrangements for certain types of employer
  • stabilisation of contribution rates for certain types of employer

The Funding Strategy Statement for each Fund can be found by following the links below. The consultation will close on Sunday 8 January 2017. Please send any comments of the draft Funding Strategy Statement to penemployers@northamptonshire.gov.uk [1]

Draft Northamptonshire Pension Fund Funding Strategy 2016 [2]

Draft Cambridgeshire Pension Fund Funding Strategy 2016 [3]