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Making sure we do the right things, in an open, honest and accountable manner

What is good governance?

In relation to our pension fund, good governance means making sure that the right structure and representation is in place

We make sure that decision-makers have the appropriate knowledge, training and experience to weigh up decisions against risk, and communicate these decisions to members and employers

Clear communication for pensions

Ruling with authority

Conducting policy

Conducting policy

Regulating proceedings

Meet the team

Doing things the right way

Governance structure

Key documents

We are governed by the Pension Committee, Investment Sub Committee and Local Pension Board.

Our governance team provides direct support to members of the Pension Committee, Investment Sub Committee and Local Pension Board, who are responsible for the management of the fund.

The team’s main duty is to ensure that decisions are made by the Pension Committee and Investment Sub Committee in an informed and balanced way.

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Information Governance

For information on how we keep your member data safe and secure, please visit our dedicated Information Governance pages below: