Northamptonshire Investments Sub Committee

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Investment Sub Committee


The role of the Investment Sub-Committee is to undertake the day to day management of the fund’s investments. This involves implementing the investment strategy, reviewing and monitoring the asset allocation and appointing and reviewing the performance of investment managers outside of the asset pool.


The operation of the Pension Committee, Investment Sub Committee and Local Pension Board is outlined in the fund’s governance policy and compliance statement.


For policies and strategies relating to the Pension Committee, see Northamptonshire Key Documents.




Councillor Jonathan Ekins (appointed April 2019) Chairman


Councillor Bill Parker (appointed July 2018) Vice Chairman


Mr Peter Borley-Cox (reappointed April 2019)


Mr Damian Pickard (appointed September 2017)


Mr Robert Austin (appointed September 2017)


Councillor Bob Scott (reappointed May 2017)


Councillor Malcolm Waters (appointed May 2019)


Investment Sub Committee

Details of current membership, vacancies and recent meetings can be found at Northamptonshire County Council’s democratic services webpages.

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