Northamptonshire Local Pension Board

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Local Pension Board


Paul Evans (reappointed April 2019) Chairman

Councillor Arthur McCutcheon (apppointed May 2019)

Councillor Allan Matthews (reappointed April 2019)

Martin Hammond (appointed April 2018)

Kevin Standishday (appointed November 2018)

Julie Petrie (appointed December 2018)

How are members recruited to the board?
The council agreed the process for appointing members in March 2015. Details of the process are outlined in the report to council.
What does the local pension board do?

The local pension board is the administering authority of the Northamptonshire local government pension scheme.

The board can assist the county council in securing compliance with the principal 2013 Pension Regulations, along with any other requirements imposed by the pensions regulator in relation to the scheme.

The board also has the authority to assist the administering authority in ensuring the effective and efficient governance and administration of the scheme.

The terms of reference for the local pension board are set out in the council’s constitution.

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Local Pension Board


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Employer enquiries:   01604 364621

Member enquiries:    01604 366537