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Changes to actuarial factors [1]

In his latest budget, the Chancellor confirmed a reduction of the SCAPE discount rate from 2.8% above the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) to 2.4% above CPI. The SCAPE discount rate is used to determine the actuarial factors used across all of the public service pension...

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Changes to strain cost estimates [8]

  Earlier in the year there were changes in the way strain costs are calculated when running redundancy estimates and the actual final calculation depending on when the calculations were run within the year.   If you have had an estimate calculated for you by LGSS...

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Access new templates to move administering authorities [10]

Access new templates to move authorities Cory Blose Employer Services and Systems Team Manager DCLG have published two template documents to assist LGPS employers in the process of making an application to substitute an administering authority under Part 2 of Schedule...

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