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You’ll have noticed that things look a little different around here. We’ve listened to your feedback and over the last few months we have worked hard to develop something with a more practical and user friendly design, making the website even more helpful and easier for you to navigate.

What we’ve changed…

  • More relevant content – we have now provided a dedicated employer hub which means all the information has been specifically crafted to help you carry out your duties. 
  • Exclusive employer’s area – your tailored guidance and help-pages for the Local Government Pension Scheme and Firefighters Pension Schemes are now protected behind a password. You will only have to sign in once during your session, and will be prompted to enter your password when you click on a page within the employer’s area (signposted with a gold key icon on the main menu). If you have not already received a password, please email or call the team on 01604 364621.
  • Better navigation – the previous site had three primary menus and as many as 20 secondary headings to scroll through, which made it difficult to access information. We have now restructured content with clear and logical headings. We have made finding your way around the website easier with one clear menu, and content is now grouped under 5 key headings. There is also a slider on the homepage, which will highlight any current or urgent information that you need to be aware of.
  • Better search – previously, the search displayed results by date, despite the relevancy of the pages. Our updated search functionality will favour page titles with a keyword match, followed by matches in the page’s body of text.
  • New look and feel – enjoy your browsing experience with our new fresh design. The colour scheme of the website matches our branding and we have increased our use of imagery to make signposting clearer. We have also broken down large chunks of text to make it easier to read. With our ‘accordion’ feature, you will be able to select the relevant heading, while other information will be hidden from view.

We would love to know what you think of your new employer hub. Please send any feedback you may have to